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Message to users of I've decided to close this site on it's 4th birthday, that is 5th September -18. I do not have the energy and capacity to host the site anymore. Please "migrate" or find a new GNU Social home. I've decided to not handover the maintenance or data to anyone else - so please do not ask to get the data to host this site further. Thank you all for using Quitter this period and for following it's users. -A.

  1. ⚠nestort 🐃⚠ ('s status on Tuesday, 29-Aug-2017 21:10:18 CEST ⚠nestort  🐃⚠ ⚠nestort 🐃⚠
    Is there an option to backup a !gnusocial  account (mainly: people I follow and groups I'm subscribed to) and to import it in a new quitter server? I can't find the option here in !quitterno (qvitter or classic), nor looking for it in, FAQ... Thanks!
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