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  1. Harald Eilertsen ('s status on Wednesday, 21-Mar-2018 14:10:45 CET Harald Eilertsen Harald Eilertsen
    @karasu I think I found out. PostgreSQL needs shared memory and semaphores which is keyed in some way by the UID of the pgsql user. So to be safe you need to manually change the UID of the pgsql user so they don't clash across jails.

    In FreeBSD 11 it is now possible to isolate the sysv ipc primitives in different jails by setting sysvmsg, sysvsem and sysvshm to "new" in the jail config.
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      Hi, I been surfing the net looking for an answer for this: I want to run PostgreSQL in a jail. creating directory /usr/local/pgsql/data ... ok creating subdirectories ... ok selecting default max_connections ... 10 selecting default shared_buffers ... 400kB creating configuration files ... ok...